Title: Strava Climbing Challenge I joined Strava Climbing Challenge on Strava. Climb 2,310 meters (7,578ft) in five days. Who’s with me?

Title: Gran Fondo 5 I joined Gran Fondo 5 on Strava. Go on a 130km cycling adventure. Who’s with me?

Title: AOL Mail Service Hacked, Compromised Emails Used To Send Spam | Security Intelligence Blog |… Retweeted Trend Micro (@TrendMicro):

Customers of @AOL mail service were hacked through spam or phishing emails. Were you affected? Info: http://t.co/3Do8K2zpCF


Go! Go! Gooo! de gerdmoors


Go! Go! Gooo! de gerdmoors

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"Arianna" art deco inspired mermaid ring.

Available in brass and sterling silver. Arianna holds an 8mm black or white pearl.

Now available for purchase.


Oh my god. I love this so much.

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Title: The Verge (@verge) posted a photo on Twitter Retweeted The Verge (@verge):

The Start Menu is set to return to Windows 8 in August http://t.co/2H5YkPf6Ir http://t.co/OFCl2Aa3xz

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Title: La mitad de los mexicanos no dedica ni un minuto a leer durante la semana Retweeted AnimalPolitico.com (@Pajaropolitico):

¿Qué argumentan los mexicanos que no leen? Échenle un ojo a la #encuesta de @Parametria -> http://t.co/LAV6nTKxKj #FelizDíadelLibro

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Title: Sysadmin Tips and Tricks - Stop Using Root! | SoftLayer Blog Retweeted Level Server (@levelserver):

#datacenter Sysadmin Tips and Tricks - Stop Using Root! - A common mistake newer Linux system administrators… http://t.co/PXICMIxeOp

Title: http://t.co/Sj8LG0Wcdk Retweeted Yo ProMuevo Culiacan (@YoProMuevoCLN):

Productos Sinaloenses en Chile! Felicidades SuKarne! http://t.co/Sj8LG0Wcdk